About us

The establishment of our company was greatly contributed to by the passion for wine of our founders. All new team members have succumbed to this passion. Our common vision is to offer customers unique wines from around the world.

Our family

The company consists of several departments, responsible for both purchasing and selling, complete service, and customer care. After years of cooperation, some businesses have become part of the B.W.D family.


All wines in our portfolio are tasted by our sommeliers, with a 100% quality guarantee. Until the wine reaches the client, it is carefully stored in our warehouses with strict temperature and storage quality control.

Our team

Our motto is complete customer care; we participate in proposals, wine list creation, conduct regular staff training along with guided tastings directly at wineries, as well as wine tours throughout Europe.

We ensure prompt deliveries across Slovakia with our drivers as well as verified courier services.

Every client has access to their own B2B ordering system.